Scrubs for Cambridgeshire was created with the intention to work together as community to support the NHS. It was noticed that most hospitals and care home needed lot of help during the start of the pandemic and Gio asked her friends working for the NHS if hospitals were in need of scrubs uniform or any other item which involves fabric.  

Initially, Gio offered to help with 10 scrubs, however, the demand was much higher than she could handle, consequently she asked her adult students from her sewing club for help and they were incredibly happy to join her. Unfortunately, they were not enough to cover the initial requirement of 150 scrubs. Therefore, Gio decided to ask for additional help using the power of social media and opened a Facebook group, with the objective of expanding the network and increase the production of scrubs in an efficient manner; utilizing the skills readily available in Cambridgeshire.

The respond was overwhelming; now there are more than 900 group member and almost 300 people at the peak sewing with their soul for this cause.

The goal is simple: Help as many NHS Hospital, Health Centres and care home in Cambridgeshire as possible.  

Our Volunteers are form different part of Cambridgeshire including Girton, Oakington, Cottenham, Histon, Landbeach, waterbeach, Cambridge, Cambourne, Godmanchester, St Neots. Ely, Newmarket, Bedford, Herford, Suffolk, Huntingdon, Fenlands and many others.